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13 Year Old Kills His 11 Year Old Brother

An 11 year old boy is dead at the hands of his 13 year old brother in Streetsboro, OH.  This just happened Monday night (4-23-18).  Sources say the 13 year old got the hand gun from their grand father’s house.

The 11 year old was taken to University Hospitals Portage Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.  The 13-year-old brother was arrested and charged with aggravated murder (they are also saying this was a pre-meditated act) and was taken to the Portage County Juvenile Detention Center.

Four days prior to the fatal shooting, Streetsboro police were called to the same home on Alden Drive on April 19 for a woman reporting her 13-year-old step-son was “being unruly,” according to the incident report.  While police were there, the 13-year-old boy made comments about wanting to hurt himself.  He was transported to a medical facility for evaluation.

Lieutenant Patricia Wain, of the Streetsboro Police Department, spoke to the reporters on Tuesday about the fatality…  “It doesn’t happen here.  It’s traumatizing.  A lot of our officers here have kids that age so to have to walk into that and see that and take that call, it’s very difficult,” said Wain.


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