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14 against 1

A recent video of Akron police department attempting to arrest a man has gone Viral. I do not know who the man in the video is as of yet. Once more information is available I will report it.

During the video we see police trying to detain a man who looks to be resisting being arrested. They even go so far as using their  Tayser gun to assist them with the arrest. You can hear the man telling them he can’t breathe. It looks as if the police is sitting on the mans head. Both officers attempted to place his hands behind his back and were unsuccessful. One officer yelled that he was reaching and we hear the bystanders telling them he’s not reaching for anything.

In this type of situation it’s thankful someone was there to record this arrest. Do you feel the police went to far in the arrest. The man was  tased multiple times as you can see in the video. He was sat on and from the looks of it had a hard time breathing. Akron police has yet to respond to this video. Or release any information on the suspect.

Do you feel as though the man should have done anything different? What about the Akron police department?  Police brutality has always been a great debate. From how much  excessive force police are allowed to use during an arrest to being able to make a  decision to shoot and possibly kill a suspect if they  appear to be armed and dangerous. We seen it back in the 90s when Rodney King was almost beat to death by Los Angeles police.

25 years later the issue still  relevant to situation we face as a community with police. This needs to be addressed, it’s clear the policy the police has now is not working. We still hear about police being overly excessive when using force during arrest. We have seen video like this one before with men and women losing their life after being arrested. Then the  judicial system  justifies it as the police doing their job. Even in situation where the  suspect   Was not armed with a gun or weapon. What are your thoughts on it? Feel free to comment below and I’ll keep you all posted on any new information.



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