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1,453 COVID-19 cases and 27 new deaths reported in Ohio within 24 hours

The pandemic is on the rise in Ohio. Please continue to follow the guidelines and stay safe.

As of Tuesday, the Department of Health said 4,165 Ohioans have died from the coronavirus with at least 124,610 cases reported statewide since the start of the pandemic. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine will speak on Tuesday afternoon and provide the latest COVID-19 information during a regularly-scheduled briefing.

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An additional 6,562 cases and 286 deaths are presumed to be linked to COVID-19 under the CDC expanded definitions and included in the Ohio Department of Health’s reporting.

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Out of the 13,479 hospitalizations reported on Monday, at least 2,975 individuals were admitted to intensive care units.

With the fall and winter months approaching fast. We now have to monitor if we have a common cold, flu or Covid-19. How will you be able to tell?

For more info visit the CDC website. Stay safe!

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