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15 Year-Old Arrested For Arson In Akron

Akron, OH – A fire started in an Akron home located in the 230 block of Cranz Place around 1:00 in the morning. According to the reports, the second floor of the home was completely engulfed in flames.

Lt. Seirjie Lash (of the Akron Fire Department) said the fire was quickly put out upon their arrival. The 15-year-old suspected of starting the fire was there with his grandfather and a few animals. Luckily, the boy’s grandfather was rescued in time, and he was taken to Akron City Hospital where he is currently in critical condition. Lt. Lash also reported a dog dying in the fire and three cats being rescued as well.

The 15-year-old boy has been arrested and is being questioned by the police regarding why he started the fire. I also saw post on Face Book posted by one of the neighbors who saved the grandfather from the fire.

Thankfully people were in position to help this situation from turning fatal. I truly pray the young teenager gets the help he needs to be a productive member of society.

#Earkandyradio will keep you guys updated on this story.

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