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16 Year Old Tracked Down By Mom After Being Sex-Trafficked

Anybody who has kids can probably attest to it being one of their biggest nightmares if their child was missing!  And can you imagine your child not only missing… but being sex trafficked in an entire different city or state?!  Well that was the case for the mother in this article… & Before you read the rest of the story & watch the videos and pictures, please know that her mother gave the media permission to use everything to help spread awareness of sex trafficking in the hopes of saving some people.

Armoni Chambers is only 16 years old and she went missing on May 17, 2018 from Milwaukee, WI.  Her mother (Bonnie Bruno) claimed her daughter ran away to Chicago to be with a man she & her daughter both thought was her daughter’s boyfriend.  Come to find out, the “boyfriend” was actually a group of predators who sold her daughter as a sex slave where she was drugged and beaten so she wouldn’t be able to escape.  The story really started getting attention after the video of her being assaulted by a man was streamed on Facebook LIVE.

Bonnie was so frustrated with the Milwaukee police because she didn’t think they were doing enough to find her daughter.  She thought their investigation and their efforts were weak, so she decided to launch her own investigation to get her baby back!  She got Tory Lowe (a well-known activist) to help her and they started streaming their search live on Facebook to get her face out there and get the entire Facebook community involved.  Low has helped reunite more than 130 people with their families.  But they ended up finding her & if you would like to read all the details of their investigation please visit >>Click Here

I am so happy for this mother and this little girl!  I have a daughter who is only 15 years old and I could not imagine anything like this ever happening to her.  It makes you think of that movie Taken, and how a parent will really go to the ends of the earth to find their child.  Huge S/O… KUDOS to Tory Lowe and the rest of the people who assisted in finding Armoni.  This is one good thing about social media now.  We always talk about how damaging it can be to a community, but in this case (and so many others) social media really can help solve a crime or a case.  That’w why you should always be mindful of the things you post on social media as well.  Once it is out there…  It is out there, no matter if you delete it or not.

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