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18 Year Old goes live on Facebook claiming to have been raped in Akron, OH

A video has been going around Facebook about a 18 year old girl claiming to have just been raped.


It was during the 3a hour, ‘Paris Chanel’ on Facebook went live and appeared to be intoxicated.

Check out the pictures of her previous post to Facebook that led up to the rape allegation. (see below)

Also the video of the live is posted below. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates.

Tune in Friday to #Wayne’s Views on Ear Kandy Radio as we have a panel discussion about this topic.

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At NO point is rape okay. Sadly she mentioned it was her second time being raped. Makes you wonder where her parents are. We hope the young lady gets the help that she needs nonetheless we will keep you updated on this public story.



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