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22-Yr-Old Man Ran Over By His Own GMC Truck

Lance Rhodes, 22, is lucky to be alive after being run over by his own “lifted up” GMC truck!

Lance was doing some sort of video advertisement or a challenge where he hopped out his truck (while it was still moving) and started dancing and singing along the side of it. He didn’t take into account how wide his tires were, and one of the back tires caught his foot and looked to roll over the entire right side of his body.

By the looks of the video, his legged was crushed, but fortunately for Lance, he survived the accident with only a broken arm. He took to his Instagram account to tell his followers he was okay, just suffered a broken (maybe shattered) arm.

Just three weeks ago, he was trying to sell the truck, now he is selling t-shirts of being run over by the truck to help pay for hospital bills.

Follow Lance on Instagram @lancerhodes and check out some of his content. He seems like a pretty cool dude who just caught up trying to stunt for the gram and it went south!

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