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These Hoes Ain’t Loyal


Why aren’t woman  loyal these days, when it comes to holding their guy down in prison?  This question came up today behind the walls inside the barbershop.

First I would like to say women are loyal hoe’s are not.  Women’s loyalty are bound by morals and principles and how she was taught by her parents, a hoes loyalty is bound by circumstances and a lifestyle, but that’s my opinion it’s like a Maserati everybody got one!  Being around a lot of different dudes some with football numbers some with letters that spell out L.I.F.E. others just visiting but a few have one thing in common loyalty was thrown out the window at some point in time of the bid.
My barber posed these questions to us at the barbershop , but I want to hear  different views, views from women and from those that may have done a bid, and held it down  even from those that didn’t have the will to hold it down I ain’t one to judge.  I’m a most real and know first-hand life goes on…. and a few of us real men behind these walls expect nothing but a friend anyway.

All that stressing about your girl or your wife fucking is what those  lames stress about.  Most men were fucking be it respectful and would be fucking if our women were in the same situation. It’s all about respect and being there when a nigga needs them the most, that’s how it should be.

Can anybody at Ear Kandy help me out?  We all know what we get from hoes but what is the Breaking Point for a woman and her loyalty?  Does the time that a man is sentenced to matter?  If so how much time is to much time and we shouldn’t expect her to do a bid?  Are we being selfish if we do expect her to stop her life?  Even though she signed up for this and was our biggest fan reaping the biggest benefits trip’s, whips, vacations, businesses, THE LIFESTYLE… Or does it matter if we have cheated while we were on the streets?  Do you woman or hoes throw out the window that we were a good father, provider, husband/friend…. Might I say in defense to my guy’s no man is without sin women that chose a D.Boy or a man in power know’s what they signed up for hell everybody cheats it’s all about respect even women cheat but that’s another topic, long as respect was involved?  If it does matter why did it not matter when he was out if he cheated or not?
At the end of the day relationships are temporary and friendships are forever.

You know what you married whether a woman or a hoe.  How it starts is how it ends. It doesn’t  how much bread you have or spent if she was your friend and became your lover that’s how it will end, fall outs will be mended in time.  If you still married her after her dude caught his bid…..It’s your turn to catch the blues as he did.  History repeats itself there is no exception to the rules.  My niggas in the free world that side chick you was fucking your wife on or left your ex for rarely comes in handy!  After 3-4 years of a 20 yr stretch pictures and visits slow up…  IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK IT WOULD TELL YOU THE SAME SHIT!

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