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3-Month Old Baby BAC Level .359% & Mom Is Arrested

Springfield Township, OH – Davonna Reed has been arrested on multiple felonies (including felony child abuse) after her 3-month old baby had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .359%. Now you guys know the legal limit for driving impaired (for an ADULT) is .08% or lower. This poor baby was DRUNK DRUNK!!!

The Springfield Township Police Department say in late October, the baby was taken to Akron Children’s Hospital because she was sick. The baby was treated in the Natal Intensive Care Unit. Detectives say the mother allowed the baby to drink the alcohol. She has since been booked in the Summit County Jail.

This is so sad! You really don’t want to believe somebody would do this to a child, but with the baby only being 3 months old, how else did the baby get a hold of the alcohol to become drunk??

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