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30 Reasons Why You Don’t Want A Cheap Tattoo

A cheap tattoo…  What is that???  My husband is actually a tattoo artist, so it amazes me how the 1st question people ask in regards to a tattoo is “how much do you charge”.  A lot of times, they don’t even care to see his work, they just heard he was good, but they want a CHEAP TATTOO…  How can you cut corners on something that will be on you for the rest of your life?

Before getting a tattoo, you want to make sure your tattoo artist is experienced!!!  Check out his/her work, ask questions about the level of pain (because it will hurt… you want to make sure you will be able to handle it).  Also, make sure the needles are new or all equipment has been sterilized.  Make sure you are getting your tattoo in a good location (remember this will be on you for the rest of your life, placement is important when trying to get employment).

You get what you pay for!  So, you can pay a nice price getting the tattoo put on, or you can pay a nice price to get it covered up by another artists…  OR you can pay even more to get the tattoo removed (and a lot of times, you have to do more than 5 sessions and sometimes it still does not work).

Here are 30 reminders why you do not want to get a cheap tattoo!  Some of the worst tattoos I have ever seen.

worst tattoo 1 worst tattoo 2

No employment for her!!!  ^^^worst tattoo 3

Have you ever saw the movie The Human Centipede???  EWwwwwwwwww ^^^  this is sick!worst tattoo 4

One word…  DAMN!worst tattoo 5 worst tattoo 6

Who’s bad???  ^^^  That tattoo is bad, doesn’t matter if he’s black or white!worst tattoo 7

He sleeps with his eyes wide open!worst tattoo 8

This would scare the hell out of me every time I look at it.  Reminds me of the girl off the movie Ring.worst tattoo 9 worst tattoo 10

Please make sure your tattoo artist knows how to spell!!!worst tattoo 11

NO WORDS!!!  Stop starring bitches…worst tattoo 12

worst tattoo 13

She is repped out for her man!worst tattoo 14 worst tattoo 15

Biggest Drizzy fan in in the world!worst tattoo 16 worst tattoo 17

I hate you!worst tattoo 18

She must have went “real black”  LOL… it’s tatted on her, so you know its real!worst tattoo 19 worst tattoo 20

Pun intended or nah???worst tattoo 21

East side veteran!!!  Don’t get it twisted…worst tattoo 21 worst tattoo 22

CREEPworst tattoo 23

Louis Vuitton is expensive, so maybe it was cheaper to just get it tatted.  worst tattoo 24

They’re NOT GRRrrrrreat!

worst tattoo 25 worst tattoo 26 worst tattoo 27

GROSS worst tattoo 28

Dust yourself off and try again!worst tattoo 29

This is the absolute worse one to me!!!

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