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34-Yr-Old Man Calls 16-Yr-Old Sexy & Lies About His Age

Vernon Spike, 34 – Thinks 16 & 17 year olds are sexy

Youngstown, OH – 34 year old pedophile, Vernon Spikes, inboxed a young woman telling her happy birthday & how sexy her and her friend were. The young lady clearly told him she was only 16 and her friend was 17. When she asked him how old he was, he LIED and said 20.Good thing baby girl was smart… she went to his page to do some investigating, and come to find out… Mr. Vernon Spikes is not only 34 years old, he is also married!!!

I feel really bad for his wife and I hate that she had to find out this way, but I pray she is able to bounce back and move on with her life! These child pedophiles needs to be STOPPED! Young ladies… beware of this guy & always do your research before talking to anybody from social media. Take a look at the conversation that transpired below and tell me what you guys think??

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