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3sum Diasater

Man now I hope you guys are giving a award for the best story because I win hands down.  Listen to this BS and I dont even know if I want advice.  I guess I just want to see what your listeners would do because this is crazy crazy!

Me and my girl have been best friends for like 10 years.  We do everything together she more like a sister.  So she asked me if I would have a 3 sum with her while my dude was out of town on work.  So I’m like yea, why not.  She has had a few with me and my dude so I felt like it was only right to return the favor.  It went down, no complaints.. but now 3 months later I find out I am pregnant and I got pregnant around the time we did that.  What makes the situation so bad is the fact that me and my man have been trying to have a baby since 2014.  I have not been able to get pregnant & now I’m pregnant after a night of passion.  I could easily get an abortion but what if it is my man’s baby?  And my best friend and her dude don’t have any kids.  How can I possibly have his 1st child.  This is so messed up!  My best friend is with me in whatever decision I make but this is just FUCKED!  what would you guys do??

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  1. Damn girl. I would just be honest with her for real. She knew the risks so shit happen.

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