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48-Year Old Columbus Store Owner Gives 13 Year Old His Number & Tells Her Not To Tell Anybody!!!

There was a report released last year that involved over 300 cases of human trafficking in the state of Ohio. More than 300 people in the state were victims of sex trafficking, about 25 were trafficked for work/hard labor, and another eight were trafficked for both purposes.

We have a lot of major highways connected to Ohio. We also have a demand for services here in Ohio, as there are a lot of strip clubs in small communities. We also have a need for, even for labor trafficking, with having a lot of farmland right here in the state.

What makes it so bad is that ANYBODY can be a victim of human trafficking! It doesn’t matter how much money you have, what race you are, how old you may be (although younger people are sought after much more)… it doesn’t even matter what gender you are anymore, so we really have to be careful and keep our eyes on our children at all times!

I just watched a video on Face Book of a man confronting a 48 year old man who owns a store in Columbus, OH (on Main Street) for allegedly giving his 13 year old sister his phone number and telling her not to tell anybody! The brother kept mentioning “human & sex trafficking” and I can truly understand why he was so mad at this situation. So people lose their kids to this vicious cycle and never see them again! I’m honestly pissed off at this story. The store owner kept trying to apologize, but how can you apologize for something like that???

I’m going to let you guys judge for yourself. Watch the video below & let’s blog about it?!

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