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5 Men Stabbed The Wrong Teen to Death – #JusticeForJunior

On June 20, 2018 in the Bronx, New York, five men fatally stabbed 15 year old Junior Guzman-Feliz outside of a convenience store.  His mother said she gave her son $5 to go to the bodega (convenience store) and he was meeting a friend there.  She said the store was only about a block away from their house.

Surveillance videos catch the entire incident which took place around 11:40 pm.  It looks like Junior ran into the bodega maybe thinking it would be safer or thinking somebody would help him, but not one person came to the rescue!  He was dragged out the store where you can see the men attacking him.  One of them had a large machete, slashing him while another man looks like he had a knife stabbing him repeatedly, then the men fled getting in two different cars.  Poor Junior ran to the hospital where he died before he had the chance to receive any medical attention.

Family members are desperate for answers as to how something like this could happen. They described him as a good kid and a typical teenager.  “All I can say was that he was a good kid,” sister Genesis Collado-Feliz said. “He just played PlayStation.  He played Fortnight.  He played 2K, like every 15-year-old.  He asked me for advice with girls.”

Apparently, this all stemmed from a video that was exposed about another teenage girl.  Reportedly, two teenage boys were exposing a girl they had sex with (or raped) and they thought Junior was one of the boys in the video.  His mother released a statement and did an exclusive interview with Telemundo 47 saying it was NOT her son in the video and they killed the wrong person (not saying that anybody should have been killed, but Junior was innocent).

The family is desperate for answers and is pleading with the entire community to come forward if they have any leads on the killers!  This story truly touched me as I have a 14 year old son who is also into video games and he even favors Junior.  He goes out to play basketball with his friends all the time and I just can’t image him being mistaken for the wrong person and being at the wrong place at the wrong time & getting killed.  Prayers to the family!  Here is a picture of them below.  #JUSTICEFORJUNIOR 



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