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5 Yr Old Boy Knocks Over $132,000 Sculpture… Should Parents Be Responsible?

As a parent, I’m sure you have been in a position when your child broke something of somebody else’s, right?  How did you handle it?  Did you apologize?  Did you offer to pay the person who’s belongings it was or did you offer to replace it?  I can remember my daughter threw her uncle’s BRAND NEW phone in the toilet when she was little.  Thankfully, we lived together and I didn’t have to pay him for it, but I offered.  I can also remember my nephew breaking my son’s BRAND NEW Nintendo DS he had just got for Christmas.  His mom offered to pay for it, but I didn’t take it because kids will be kids (plus it was my nephew).

But what would you do if your child broke something that costed more than $100,000???  Well that’s what happened in this story.  A little boy knocked over a statue at a exhibit in the community center in Kansas!  It honestly looks like the mother was not really paying her 5 yr old any attention until the statue fell!  The little boy was running around with another child and the 5 yr old grabbed the statue and it fell.  Take a look at the video.

Now as you can see, the company is not suing the parents of the child, but their insurance company did contact the parent’s insurance company to see if there is anything they can work out.  But I want to know, do you guys think the mother/parent’s should be help responsible for the damage their child did?

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One thought on “5 Yr Old Boy Knocks Over $132,000 Sculpture… Should Parents Be Responsible?

  1. I think that since it’s worth that much the exhibit should’ve been the statue secured better and the parent should’ve been of course her child. Of course you offer to pay for the item or workout a possible agreement. That kids would later get a good talking too and reprimanded. That’s crazy.

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