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IRS Tax Season Myths

Early Filing Tax Season Myths

As we all know during tax season there are numerous #myfriendsaid myths about tax season. Below are some examples of the top 6 that have been told to one another this tax season. Let’s do our best this tax season to not spread incorrect information, and only speak the FACTS.

All Refunds Are Delayed

Delayed Refunds, those Claiming EITC or ACTC will be delivered on February 15th

Ordering a Tax Transcript to get a Refund Release Date

Calling the IRS or a Tax Professional will Provide a better Refund Date

Calling the IRS is the most Convenient Way to Get Answers to Tax or Refund Questions

The IRS will Call or Email Taxpayers about Their Refund

For detailed information click here and read the latest IRS Newsletter.



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