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6 Myths About Coronavirus Immunity You Need to Stop Believing

With tons of true, false, and constantly changing information available about COVID-19, it’s easy to get mixed up. But one thing’s for certain: if you think you’re immune to the virus, you’re wrong. Check out these seven myths about coronavirus immunity! Are you following all the guidelines to stay safe?

I Have Antibodies So I’m Immune

Antibody tests are becoming more readily available through healthcare providers across the country. If you test positive for antibodies, it means your body may have already recovered from COVID-19. But just because you already had it, doesn’t mean you can’t get it again.

“It’s unclear if those antibodies can provide protection (immunity) against getting infected again,” reports the CDC. “This means that we do not know at this time if antibodies make you immune to the virus.” More studies need to be conducted before it’s proven that you can’t get the virus a second (or even third) time. Even if you test positive for antibodies, continue following guidelines in your area and washing your hands frequently. 

I Was Sick in January So I’m Immune

When COVID-19 started to take over the news cycle, you may have glanced at the list of symptoms and thought “Yup, I already had it.” But don’t assume that since you were sick in January, you’ve already had the virus. The symptoms of coronavirus can easily be mistaken for a common cold or the flu. 

I Got My Flu Shot So I’m Immune

It’s always a good idea to get a flu shot so you can potentially avoid getting other nasty illnesses. However, a flu shot or Tamiflu prescription won’t protect you from getting COVID-19. Although symptoms of these viruses are similar, the flu shot doesn’t address the characteristics of coronavirus and is ineffective.

My Family Member Had It and I Didn’t Get It So I’m Immune

If one of your household members is sick, it’s important for them to self-isolate. If you were less than careful and hung out with your sick family member but didn’t get sick yourself, you may assume you’re immune to COVID-19. 

I’m Young and/or Healthy So I’m Immune

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past few months about COVID-19, it’s that this virus doesn’t discriminate against who it infects. Even if you’re young and healthy, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re immune to catching the virus. 

I Take Tons of Vitamin C So I’m Immune

Taking care of your immune system is super important, especially right now when COVID-19 is spreading itself across the globe. But Vitamin C and other supplements that support immune health can only help your body fight off the virus if you get it and won’t make your body immune to it.

According to Oregon State University, men and women should get about 400 mg of Vitamin C each day. Add in a healthy diet and daily doses of other essential nutrients and vitamins and you’ll keep your immune system in tip-top shape. But keep in mind, you still need to be cautious about the virus. A strong immune system doesn’t mean you’re immune to COVID-19, it just means you’re prepared to fight in case you get it.

Follow the CDC guidelines and be safe!

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