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6 Sweet Ways to Win Over Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Six sweet sugar fits for Mom. Don’t forget your mom this Sunday!

  1. Flowered cupcakes
  2. Churros with caramel sauce
  3. Strawberry and snicker sticks
  4. Cinnamon rolls
  5. Chewy chocolate cookies
  6. Fresh fruit cheesecake pie

Mom should be able to enjoy the best things in life, especially on Mother’s Day, and that means digging into a delicious dessert after a savory meal cooked up by the family to celebrate her. Go big or go home right? Any one of these delicious Mother’s Day desserts is sure to end this upcoming Mother’s Day on a high note. Stick with something simple, like a no-bake tarts, cupcakes, or cookies, or get crafty with custom cheesecakes, beignets, and Mother’s Day cakes.

They might not be as sweet as she is, but we sure do think these Mother’s Day treats will be the perfect end to her Mother’s Day dinner or brunch (because, naturally, she shouldn’t cook on her special day.)

Even little kids can participate and get their hands dirty making something special for Mom. So take a look at these easy, delicious Mother’s Day desserts that your mom can enjoy will some of her favorite people.

What are you doing for Mother’s Day?

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