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6,000 Inmates To Be Released From Federal Prison

Due to new sentencing guidelines, the Justice Department will be releasing 6,000 inmates from federal prisons. The new guidelines which were established last year, are meant to reduce penalties on non-violent drug offenders (currently incarcerated and future inmates).

The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is expected to start releasing inmates who fall under the guidelines between the time frame of October 30th and November 2nd of this year.

The BOP was given one year to prepare for the release of the inmates when the guidelines went into effect last year. This will be one of the largest “one-time” releases for federal prisons EVER. Most of the inmates released will be transferred to half-way houses and drug rehabs centers. Some of the inmates, however will face possible deportation and be handed over to ICE.

The reductions are not automatic. Federal judges are required to carefully review each case and must always consider the pubic’s safety when granting any form of clemency to inmates. Do you guys feel like drugs offenders who were non-violent should get their long prison sentences reduced?

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4 thoughts on “6,000 Inmates To Be Released From Federal Prison

  1. Yes why not they are not going around hurting people every body makes mistakes they still humans at the end of the day they come home Especially the ones in Florida prison.

  2. i wish this can be true and my husband can come home sooner

    Praying for this early release!!

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