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6ix9ine Gets Kidnapped, Pistol Whipped & Ends Up In Hospital

Okay, so I know we just reported Tekashi 6ix9ine releasing music with Nicki Minaj just told…  But TMZ has reported that he was attacked and kidnapped after a late night studio session.  Sources close to Tekashi say that he left a video shoot around 4:00 in the morning in New York.  He drove himself home and when he got there, his driveway was blocked by 3 men wearing hoods.  They pistol whipped him, knocking him unconscious and put him in the back seat of the car they were driving.

Apparently he woke up being threatened by the men to give them his jewelry or they were going to kill him.  When they got back to his house, they got around $750,000 in jewels and about $20,000 in cash money.  Thankfully his baby’s mother and child were in the house but remained unharmed.

Tekashi jumped out of the car while they were still driving in order to escape.  A passerby saw him and let him sit in the passenger seat of his car to call 911 but then asked him to get out to wait for the ambulance.  He was picked up and taken to the hospital and is being treated for his injuries.

I hope everything will be okay…  but I have to admit that this story sounds rather fishy.  Are you telling me that he has not security at his house, no alarms to sound off when intruders enter??  Also there just happened to be somebody passing by and he was coherent enough to explain the story and call 911?  I’m not saying it’s a made up story and a publicity stunt…  I’m just saying that the story is fishy.

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