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75 Year Old Charged For Allegedly Running Prostitution Ring in Senior Housing

James Parham, 75 year old resident in a New Jersey senior housing complex has been charged with allowing prostitution in his apartment building.

James along with an alleged accomplice, Cheryl Chaney 66, have both been charged in this case.  They have been accused of allowing visitors to do drugs in their apartments (crack cocaine).  In addition, they were also charged with drug paraphernalia and maintaining a nuisance in the complex. 

Residents claim they were aware of the “nonsense” going on, but there was barely any security in the building… which has contributed to a lot of the stuff going on in the complex.

Englewood Police say he ran the prostitution ring through his apartments and he employed both young women and older residents.  No prostitutes were arrested, but there were sex and drug use going on in the common areas of the complex.

Now this was back in 2013, but I just thought this was an interesting story.  James Parham, plead guilty on Oct. 17 to possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a nuisance for purposes of engaging in unlawful conduct.  They both ended up taking plea deals  that kept them out of jail.

As part of his deal, Parham could not live in any building owned by the Englewood Housing Authority.

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