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8/10… Domestic Violence Email Question

Brittney & Jazz I need a little honest advice

So Ive been seeing this guy for a little over a year now and I really like him.  He is good to me and we have been talking about getting a little more involved since I just found out I am pregnant (buying an apartment together).  I am kind of afraid because he has a pretty shady past.  I heard about him abusing his ex girlfriend. He was the one to tell me about it, but it was because she would provoke him and always get in his face like a man. He said he only hit her 2x but she hit him 1st and thats why he left her. To make it even worse, I just got this email from her & I dont know how to take it.
I know you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I have been in your shoes before.  I used to date XXXX for 6 years and it was the worst 6 years of my life.  Everything started off great, he treated me so good, got me out the hood and really turned me on to the good life.  He started being really controlling at first, I couldn’t talk to certain friends, then he even started acting funny about me talking to my cousin and mom!  After the 2nd year, he was putting his hands on me every chance he got.  I tried to get away but he would always come back for me and my family turned their backs on me because they said I kept going back to him.  Long story short, he almost killed me and that’s the reason I left him.  I am now living across the country & I have not been in touch with him since.  My sister told me she knew his new girlfriend & it’s been on my heart to tell you for the past 4 months.  I am not jealous, I am not trying to ruin your relationship. I just want you to know what type of monster you are dealing with.  This man is very dangerous & I would hate for it to be on my conscouis if he hurt you.  Prayers!!!!
So… I need some advice.  He has not shown me any signs but I dont want to be a dumb ass.  Then again I have never been the type to form my opinion based on how somebody else feels.
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