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***8/17/2015***Email Questions***

Hey Britt…Hey Jas I commend you ? (ladies) on your outstanding work. I love what you two sistas are doing. My name is XXXXXX  from Decatur Ga, and I listen all the time. But Im glad ya’ll are getting Down & Dirty again tonight. This is my issue: I love sex with my bae. She is everything I could want. But lately I feel she is being soft. Shes the Dom Im the Fem. I like riding her, but it makes me come easily so I prefer not too. Lately she wants me to ride, eat her out, suck on her breast, etc. Throwing tantrums, wants me to strap up and take control but thats not me nor apart of my nature or what I signed up for. What should I do? Like Im confused… ~Sincerely ~ Only room for 1 Fem


Since you guys are FINALLY gettin down n dirty tonight I have a situation.  My dude has a female friend who is always showing up at the wrong damn time.  She seems cool, I mean we never really kicked it like that or hung out together (which is really weird because me and my dude have been together for almost 2years now).  IDK I feel like maybe I’m being a bit insecure and overbearing but I feel it is a matter of respect.  I bet I couldn’t have a male best friend who is always coming around asking for rides, asking for money, asking for advice, needing to go on outings so he can vent to me.  I’m tired of the double standard BS!  I don’t really think they are messing around but I do think its strange that they never invite me to talk & on these little outings.  I think he needs to have more respect for this relationship.  How do I tell him that without sounding like a crazy girlfriend?  She has been there before me, but as a woman I think she should clear any air between us because being a woman, you know how women think.



When I first got with my man, I thought the sex was the best.  Maybe I was just dickmatized IDK but I swear it looks and feels like his dick got smaller!  Is this strange or is this even possible?  Like sometimes it feels like he is not all the way hard but he really is.  Im so confused and I dont know what to do.  Like I cant just tell him that his dick is small.  Help me because I like big dicks!!


Hey miss ear candy & Jasmine, I do love the show and I love the advice portion.  Your callers always have good input.  But I have been with my girl for almost 5 years.  We have a good relationship, no kids and I love that we are always able to be spontaneous.  But lately the sex has been like blah.  She doesn’t get as wet and it also feels like her pussy is bigger, or should I say looser.  I’m wondering if she is cheating on me?  But how do I get it back to the way it was?

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  1. Omg…these email questions are dope. Thank you all…Due to a technical difficulty we were unable to touch bases Monday. But definitely we will speak on these topics Thursday…Much Luv ❤ and thanks for the support.

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