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900 million

Kylie Jenner is successful and beautiful. At age 23 she has beautiful daughter, booming business and growing career. We watched Ms. Jenner develope over time into a successful woman. Reality star, model, and mom are just a few of her titles.

In 2018 Kylie made the Forbes list as being worth 900 Million dollars. She recently graced the Victory Secret fashion show as one of the angels. Kylie has been featured in top  magazines. Run way shows and the list goes on.

Pictures from this Halloween her and daughter storm dressed alike. Along with a Halloween make up kit. Filled with bright beautiful colored lip balm, eye shadows and more.When Kylie originally released her make up line it sold out in hours!

Kylie re-enacted the barbie photo shoot. Bright pink and a fast car. Living a Barbies  dreams. We all played with Barbie lol and you would have wanted this one. The shoot has been slayed by many greats  Tyra banks,  Nicki Minaj  And the list goes on. Big successes to Ms.Jenner can’t wait to see what’s next. Pic below…

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