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98 Years… That’s Almost A Century

Me personally, I will never understand why these rappers put the crazy lyrics in their songs and implicate themselves on any level!  Song lyrics is one of the things that led to the arrest of Bobby Shmurda and also other members of GS9. A judge recently handed out a 98 year prison sentence Tuesday to a Brooklyn gang-banger with ties to rapper Bobby Shmurda.

98 years


Rashid Derissant, 24, a member of GS9, was slapped with the almost century-long sentence, a tally of consecutive prison terms on gang-related charges including conspiracy, murder, attempted murder and assault.

With claims of civil injustice lingering over his case and no hope of his $2 million bail being reduced any time soon, Shmurda is ready to face several charges for conspiracy, reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon — and criminally using drug paraphernalia at his upcoming trial.  Shmurda, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, is expected to be tried for the same conspiracy in September.

bobby schmurda

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