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A Houston Women Dissatisfied W/ Her Make Up For Her Baby Shower

A Houston women went to a Ulta in New Jersey to get Glammed up for her Baby shower that her in laws was hosting. This make up experience wasn’t how she expected it to be. When your getting make up done it’s very important to make sure your satisfied with your look as well as the make up artist correctly blending the make up to match the skin color of the person. “ I wanted to look and feel my best at 8 months pregnant at my baby shower” she told the shade room “After being told her skin was “to dark” to have the desired look she wanted, ebony was passed off to another make up artist who failed to give her what she wanted too. The next day ebony called to complain about her terrible experience they offered her sample lotions & a bag for her compensation. She shared her story with the shade room because she want things to change and she feels that ultra and other make up companies should train their artist on how to do make up for everybody not just lighter skin completions, also learning better customer service etiquette. I feel ebony for her first experience of getting make up was terrible and the make up is trash shit I could’ve did better than that lol !!!

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