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A mother’s grief… the Markeice Brown story.

Nalisha and Markeice Brown, a mother’s grief.


April 22nd, 2017, is a day that Nalisha Brown and her family will never forget.  That is the day her son, Markeice Brown made a decision that rocked her whole life to the core. Markeice made the choice to end his mental and emotional pain and ultimately to end his life. On April 22nd, 2017, Markeice committed suicide.  He made a decision to leave this world, leaving behind a grief stricken mother and a video on Facebook explaining his decision.

I met Ms. Brown when she came into one of my Soul Session LIVE events only few months after the transitioning of her eldest son, Markeice. She came in in hopes of hearing from him and she did that; I was able to connect her with Markeice on the other side. In meeting her I knew she was still very raw and trying to find a way to deal with her grief. Speaking with her after the event she explained to me that he couldn’t get a handle on his pain stemming from the passing of his on and off girlfriend Mercedes Smith. Markeice’s story made headlines as his video traveled through the worldwide web going viral; however, Nalisha has made the choice to not watch it.

Markeice and Mercedes was a couple that many envied, although they were on and off again others saw them as a couple with goals.  Markeice working on his clothing line and production company and Mercedes attending college in Kentucky. They were both full of life and thought they would be together forever, until they weren’t.

Markeice K. Brown and Mercedes Smith

The young couple once again started having typical issues with love, unable to get it right they made the final and fateful choice to split one more time; but, nobody could imagine what the outcome would be. The couple found out they would be expecting their first child, after coming to the conclusion that they were not ready to be parents Mercedes ended the pregnancy. Dealing with life and family issues, unable to process the breakup and the termination of the pregnancy, Mercedes made another choice. One she would never return from, on Thursday April 20th, 2017, Mercedes Shaday Smith took her own life. Leaving her lifeless body to be found in her college dorm.

After discovering the news of her passing Markeice was completely stricken with grief, guilt and anger. He made several attempts to contact Mercedes family to see her one more time and to find out what happened to the girl he loved and had previouly given his heart to. Markeice was met by Mercedes’ family with anger and punishment as they denied he requests. Markeice stated in his video that if they wouldn’t let him see her he would go see her himself. Markeice lived up to his word as his also made his final choice, he evaded the protecting eyes of his family and did what he said, he too decided to end his own life.

Markeice Brown and Mercedes Smith, Cincinnati teens commit suicide.

Nalisha and Markeice’s friends have been very proactive in keeping his memory alive. I was invited to celebrate Keice Day with Nalisha’s family and friends where they cooked and gathered in his honor to celebrate his memory as we released balloons. Nalisha Brown describes her life with Markeice in her upcoming book, “7 to Life”. Nalisha has suffered a great deal in losing her son, losing a young woman she treated as a daughter and not to mention the constant harassment. Ms. Brown has expressed to me her anguish of being taunted by what apprears to be the act of an anonymous Facebook stalkers. She now has to deal with passer-by people and strangers who think they know her life with her son, making snap judgments and cruel accusations. Through it all Nalisha stands strong as she continues to raise her two remaining children and never ceasing in her plight to bring awareness to the many faces of suicide. She too has made a decision, a decision to keep going no matter what.  She took it upon herself to raise funds and provided school supplies for less fortunate children, Nalisha wanted to ensure they would start their year with what they needed. Ms. Brown has a heart of gold that is filled with pain. She has shown us love, so here at Ear Kandy Radio we send our love to her in return and we thank her for continuing to reach the children of the world.

Markeice Brown’s friends celebrating his life.

To check out the entire story you can go to Metro News NG or wait for the release of Nalisha Brown’s upcoming book entitled “7 to Life”, the story straight from the source. Thank you Ms. Brown for being an open book.

Nalisha Brown and her son, Markeice Brown.

If you know someone who has thought about suicide please don’t ignore it, 41,000 people annually commit suicide. Depression is real and should never be over looked, if you feel you or someone you know is having a hard time dealing and could use some help please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline @ 1-800-273-8255. Don’t ignore the signs. September is National Suicide Awareness month, if you need help please ask for help.

Also make sure you’re tuning in to Soul Sessions LIVE here on Ear Kandy Radio each and every Sunday night to connect with me, QuaTita Dean, THE Ancestral Interpreter to receive the beautiful messages Spirit has for you. You can join the show by calling in to 646-787-8528 or  by  logging onto www.earkandyradio.com/live-radio, where you can also check out past shows. Get connected today!!

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