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A Women Dropped Off To Akron Hospital With A Gunshot Wound To The Head

On December 29th A 26 year old women was dropped off to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. The person who dropped her off fled before the police arrived to the hospital. So my first question is WHY would somebody just drop her off and not stay with her that’s fishy? I am thinking this was a accident, maybe the person has a record or a warrant , but some people are just heartless. This women was released for a non threatening gun shot wound. I’m glad she is okay and was released from the hospital God is so good. This possible crime scene occurred on Raymond street in the 800 block , three men was transported to the Akron police station. A vehicle was obtained and a Dodge Durango was stopped near East Ave. Akron is the new Chicago shootings happening everyday day people day every other day, y’all really gotta be aware or your surroundings at all times you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time it’s crazy please be safe out here.

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