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A Yoni Steam does What?

So I recently talked on my first episode of Lets Talk Love with the topic soul ties. As I was doing my research, I assumed a Yoni Steam could possibly help rid such a toxic situation from ones system. With the rise in holistic cleansing and natural methods to heal I figured a Yoni Steam could for sure help. I, Myself never had a Yoni steam but I did constant research on what Yoni steams are and the benefits. Sure enough I was getting redirected to know it doesn’t help and the steam from the process can cause some issues with the yoni as stated by doctor blogs. Since the Yoni is made to heal itself naturally the argument that a Yoni steam would only slow or disrupt the process of the Yoni taking care of itself. I also received information that yes it works magic on the Yoni and it’s a great remedy from holistic blogs and YouTube. With so much information I wanted to actually hear from people who had the experience, so I had to take it to the streets (social media) lol. I got some good feed back and shout out to the ladies who responded and discussed with me their personal experience on receiving a Yoni steam. Ok so before I go any further What is a Yoni Steam? An ancient remedy practice that cleanse and rejuvenates the uterus with natural herbs. Also known as a Vaginal Steaming or V- steaming, this alternative health treatment has been practiced for centuries in Africa, Asia and Central America. Some of the benefits stated for the Yoni steam is reducing of cramps, tightness of the Yoni, as well as fighting bacteria infections. I spoke with Shamika Johnson, owner of Healing Hands Relaxation and Beautifully Bare in Akron, Ohio. As a relaxation specialist she states the Yoni treatment is all around wellness for a woman’s mind, body and soul. Shamika’s Wellness center offers 4 types of treatments From Yoni Treatments, Wellness Steam, Aromatherapy Steam and Fertility steam.

To receive a Yoni steam you can go to a wellness facility or do it at the comfort of your home. Its actually a simple process, you can even order a Yoni steam seat online. The process is a woman squats over a pot of steaming water filled with natural herbs such as mugwart, basil, calendula, rosemary, oregano, marshmallow root, wormwood. Sitting over the steaming water for 20 minutes to an hour depending on your needs. I will say for women doing it at home to be cautious with the steaming water. Its been said to let the water sit for a couple of minutes after boiling. Don’t just pop a squat right after.

Yes, the Vagina does cleanse itself but getting a Yoni Steam can give extra cleanse to the body, as well as your mind and caters to your emotions. Although its not recommended for woman who are pregnant, the process helps with fertility and overall cleansing the womb. Woman suffering from sexual trauma could also benefit from this as well as the Yoni eggs. Now remember a Yoni steam does not replace talking to a therapist. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to use it as a replacement but an attempt to add more self-love activities to your journey. With that being said I believe a Yoni steam can help rid toxics including a soul tie connection. It’s a start at least. I would recommend embracing in some self-care days to help boost your mental and emotional needs to heal. In the end the search for peace and clarity comes from within. Always take care of self.  

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