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After 6 months of wild fires, Australia is still in crisis! Wild fires are spreading rapidly!

After 6 months of fires, and half a billion animals dying! It finally rained! Check out the video of firefighters dancing in the rain.

Praying for Australia! A few months ago on social media we learned that fires were starting & spreading at rapid pace. Well 6 months later and thing are no better! It’s actually worse! Families homes have been destroyed. Businesses burned down and helpless animals are being burned alive!

According to one of my insiders this is what has happened so far…

“Australia has been on fire for 6 months.
It’s just now being internationally covered.
11.3 million acres have been destroyed.
Half a billion animals have died.
The worlds koala population has went down 30%
The air is too toxic to safely breathe.
People are missing, they’re under evacuation and fleeing on boats.

This is terrifying, climate change is real. Eat the rich and save our planet. Billionaires shouldn’t exist. We have to stop letting them decide the fate of the world. Govt lets them pay 0% in taxes then complain about not having the funds to keep up with Australia’s fires smh. Do better.”

There’s no information as of now on if any side is being sent or if the country has enough man power to contain the fires. I’ll keep everyone updated on this horrible situation. And thank you to my sources that keep me updated on worldwide news. I appreciate you…

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