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AK To ATL – Akron Boss Throws Yacht Party For His 12-Yr Old Son

Atlanta, GA – Rob Butler, owner of Access Nursing Care, RB3 Sports & Butler Realty Group, just recently threw his 12-year-old son, Lil Rob, a yacht party this past weekend in ATL.

This Akron born boss flew in several of his son’s friends and family from Akron, OH to their house in Atlanta to enjoy all the birthday festivities.

The yacht party was followed up with a swimming pool party at Rob’s Atlanta home for his son and friends, and from the looks of things… they had a ball!

Lil Rob goes to St. Sebastian School in Akron, OH and is currently a straight A student. He has aspirations to be an attorney when he grows up.

Kudos to the Akron Boss for showing out for his son on his birthday.

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3 thoughts on “AK To ATL – Akron Boss Throws Yacht Party For His 12-Yr Old Son

  1. What about social distance during this health crisis. I am sure Rob Jr & friends had a wonderful time, but it could have been done at a later date. My. Butler is setting very good accomplemrent goals Gor his son & his son’s friends. Congratulations to Rob Jr on his grades, goals and his birthday.🎂🎉😒🎈

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