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Akron 10-Year-Old Organizes A Peaceful Protest By Himself

Akron, OH – Lately, it seems to be a different #BlackLivesMatter protest daily, but it’s not everyday you see a protest organized by a 10-year-old.

Karter Gibson is 10-years-old, and his mother said he honestly didn’t even tell her what his plans were, but he has always been concerned about the things going on in the world… much more than a regular 10-year old.

Karter had a vision of protesting for all the senseless murders happening in the world and our community, so he asked his cousin to write out the flyers and printed out 30 flyers. He asked his mom to post it on her social media page, and the rest is history.

Karter’s protest was a success, as he had about 30 people join him to protest peacefully. He has decided to start peacefully protesting every third Sunday of the month. The next one is scheduled for September 20th, and the topic will be “The voice of the children.” They are encouraging children to come out and let their voices be heard.

Ear Kandy Radio is so proud of Karter! Great job being a leader.

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