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Akron Battle Rapper MAFFII Makes History

Ear Kandy Radio definitely had to take the time to recognize local battle rapper/emcee Maffii! We’ve interviewed him a few times on the show, so if you follow me then you already know who he is.

There was a recent write up in the Akron Beacon Journal regarding Maffii’s latest accomplishment, which is actually unprecedented in Akron’s history. As a part of a Black History Diversity Event organized by the Washington State Department of Corrections, Maffii was invited to perform at Standford Creek Corrections Center (Aberdeen, WA).

In the article, he speaks about how this was really “a big deal” for him. I mean to be honest, I have never heard about a local/underground rapper going to perform at any prison, especially not any artists from Akron. He also talks about how all the inmates knew the lyrics to his music word for word. Maffii credits Ampichino and King Locust with helping to get his name out there into the West Coast underground music scene.

I really felt like this was a news worthy article for many reasons. It seems like so much of our urban community finds themselves in the jail/prison system for one reason or another throughout our lifespan. It’s like the odds are just stacked against us from the start… So for Maffii to be able to penetrate that market & get a chance to perform inside of a prison really is a big deal! Also, for the Akron Beacon Journal to write just a great article on it was dope!!! Please take a minute to read the article and make sure you guys show Maffii some love. (Maffii Face Book)

OHIO.COM – Maffii Article Write-Up

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