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Akron Credit Union Refuses to Give Customer Their Money

Today in Akron, OH a Facebook user uploaded a video of her live in the bank (Towpath Credit Union located at 645 North Main St.), while they were denying her access to her money or an explanation of where her missing money was.

12/18/2018 @ 5:18am- Article updated to include response from the bank via Facebook.

Looks like the customer noticed she had an incorrect amount of money in her account after checking it the night before.  She decided to go up to the bank to get some information on where the missing money went, since there were no transactions listed, but the money was still gone.

Alilyson Dortch demands an investigation to be launched to find out where her missing $600.00 went!!!

She was talking with a manager at the location who looks like he was not trying to help her at all.  The authorities were called and the guard tried to escort her out of the building, but the customer refused to leave until she got her money & she was requesting for a full investigation to be launched into this situation.  

$600.00 is missing from the customers account!!!

The guard as well as the manager didn’t seem to care at all about her wanting her money!  At one point in the video they even laughed and smirked about her demanding her money.  The video ends with the guard tackling the customer to the ground and he turned her video off.  Now I am sorry, but that it NOT how you treat a customer who is just trying to see where their missing money went.  Take a look at the video below and let’s talk about this!  Please share this article… JUSTICE FOR THIS CUSTOMER!!!


This statement is from Rose Bartolomucci, President and CEO of Towpath Credit Union.

The incident that occurred today at our North Main Street location in Akron involving a member is of great concern to all of us.

We are still in the early stages of investigating exactly what happened but we believe a simple misunderstanding escalated into an unfortunate situation that caused us to have the member removed, for her own safety and the safety of everyone involved.

This incident has now gotten attention on social media and prompted emotional and some hostile reactions. Given the sensitivity of the situation and how seriously we are taking it, we want to assure our valued members and the community that we are conducting a thorough investigation, including a review of footage from our security cameras and statements from witnesses. The early indications from our investigation are that Towpath Credit Union employees conducted themselves properly.

This situation stemmed from a member having questions about her account. We spent more than an hour with that member, reviewing every transaction. We believe we did everything we could for that member but we could not come to a resolution of the issue.

At Towpath Credit Union, our top priority is always the safety and security of our members, their finances and our staff. Nothing is more important to us.

Our branch will be open for business on Tuesday. Out of an abundance of caution and to reassure our members, the Summit County Sheriff’s Department has agreed to provide security.

We have been in business since 1936. We take great pride in that and in the service we have provided to our members and the entire community over the decades.

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  1. Hundreds should be there with signs ASAP boycotting for a week straight!! Shut em DOWN!!!

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