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Akron Family Is Seeking Justice After 16-Month Old Baby Was Mauled To Death By Pit Bull(s)

The family of beautiful little princess, 16-month-old Ka’Vay Louis- Calderon, is seeking justice after their world was torn apart on October 3 when Ka’Vay was viciously attacked and killed by at least one of the family’s pit bulls.

Kirk Louis and Cristina Calderon, Ka’Vay’s parents are absolutely devastated.

“I didn’t get to say bye to my baby, I didn’t get to say, my baby. My baby didn’t see me.”

~ Louis Calderon

“Not only did we not get to say goodbye, this incident caused my child so much trauma we can’t even see her.”

~Cristina Calderon

Ka’Vay was being watched by her uncle in a house on Westmoreland St., in Akron, OH. The family never worried about the baby’s safety around the dogs because she was raised around them, since she was a tiny baby.

There was an altercation outside the house between Ka’Vay’s uncle and his ex girlfriend, Aunique Shardai Blackwell (who did not live at the home), both in their 20’s. According to the family, the ex girlfriend came over after he wouldn’t answer her calls. She allegedly pulled him out the house and started a physical fight with her boyfriend. It is believed the pit bulls became agitated inside the home and attacked poor little Ka’Vay. Neighbors say they will never forget the sound of the grandmother’s screams and the horrific scene they witnessed.

The little girl was not intentionally left inside the house with the two family pets and as this disturbance, fight was happening, but possibly the dogs reacted and turned their aggression to this beautiful 16-month-old little girl, WJW reports.

In the 911 calls, you can hear the helplessness in the neighbors’ voices last Sunday as they explain that the child had not been rescued from the aggressive dogs that police say ultimately killed her.

According to the reports, at least one of the pit bulls in the home has bit at least two people since 2020. The family believes the dog should have been removed from the home and that could have definitely prevented their daughter’s death. The family also wants the woman involved in the altercation to face felony charges.

According to the family, Aunique was not welcome at the house on Westmoreland St. She was asked to leave several times, the police had been called out to the residence on multiple occasions, and the homeowner (the baby’s paternal grandmother) even went to speak with her mother, asking her to tell her daughter to stop coming by.

After this very unfortunate incident killing little Ka’Vay, Aunique sped away and the family hasn’t heard from her since.

“I can’t see my granddaughter, I can’t touch my granddaughter. I just keep saying that this is not real, that this is just not real. It can’t be real. I can’t even imagine what my granddaughter went through in her last seconds of life.”

~ Nina Calderon (Ka’Vay’s Grandmother)

According to the U.S. Postal Service, mail delivery to the home was suspended this summer after a dog bit the mail man there in June. The incident was reported to Akron’s dog warden, although they have not responded to any news outlets as of now.

The county board of health says it does not have any record of a dog bite at the home this summer, and any dog warden, police officer or hospital that responds to an animal bite is supposed to notify the board of health so they can follow up. Somebody, somewhere, the ball was dropped and the family wants answers.

A neighbor, Jerry Smith, says he didn’t even let his grandkids go outside to play because he didn’t know if the dogs were in the house or not.

The Summit County Board of Health did receive a separate report at the address in March of 2020. The victim’s name is redacted on that 2020 report, but it appears the person who’s finger was bit lived at the home.

The board of health says the victim nor the owner were cooperative in their follow up investigation. At this time, it’s unclear if it’s the same dog(s) were involved in all three attacks.

The police report says the uncle was not cooperative with officers on scene Sunday, because he did not want his ex girlfriend to get in trouble. The report lists her as a suspect in his assault but at this point she has not been charged with anything in regards to Ka’Vay’s death.

Precious little Ka’Vay was laid to rest this past weekend in a beautiful home going service at the Wilkinson Funeral Home in Akron, OH. The hallway leading into the service was lined with small little, life-sized cut outs of Ka’Vay.

The family is seeking justice, they have started an Instagram page @justice_forkavay (they are asking people to please use the hashtag #justiceforkavayjadecalderon when sharing) and they are also starting a non-profit organization to help victims of vicious dog bites in her honor.

Ka’Vay’s mother says the woman responsible hasn’t reached out to her to say sorry or even give her condolences, she is just moving on with life as if she has not been affected at all. Cristina tells Earkandyradio she even went by her mother’s house, who she spoke to on a ring camera (because her mom wouldn’t open the door) and asked her to have Aunique give her a call.

The family does not blame the uncle, as he tried to avoid any type of confrontation with his ex girlfriend, and was pulled out the house away from the baby.

To the family of Ka’Vay, Earkandyradio will continue to keep you in our prayers.

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  1. Oh please. The woman on the front porch wasn’t to blame. The family of that poor child is at fault for letting their precious baby near those vicious dogs.

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