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Akron Infamous Woman (Precie) Arrested For Stealing Ex’s Car (Day Day) & Crashing It


If you live in Akron, and you have a Face Book account, then you have heard about this infamous couple Precie (Maricia Pruiett) and Day Day.  When they 1st started out, they were like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde.  They seemed to be so good together (her crazy matched his crazy) until things started to fall apart.

There were constant videos and posts about the couple (and no it wasn’t all good).  They went from Bonnie and Clyde to people referencing them as Whitney and Bobbi.  The most recent fiasco involved Precie stealing Day Day’s car and crashing it about a block away.

Reportedly, Precie stole the car because she said Day Day had beat her up for refusing to have a threesome with his current girlfriend (allegedly).  Day Day caught the incident on camera (the crashed vehicle) CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO & called the police.  According to the police report, the man said that he stopped at his current girlfriend’s apartment and while he was inside the apartment, he saw his ex jump in the car and drive off at a really high speed.  (A lot of people have been giving him a hard time about calling the police).

Precie crashed into a tree just a short distance away from where she initially stole the car and has been charged with failure to control the vehicle, theft of a motor vehicle, obstructing official business, drug possession and driving under suspension.  All of the airbags were deployed as Precie fled the scene.

The police found her hiding behind a building and when the police tried to apprehend her, she took them on a short foot chase before they finally caught up to her.  She had cuts, bruises and was bleeding from the crash, but she refused any type of medical attention.  She did admit to stealing the car but she said it was only because she was trying to get away from her boyfriend… and she also said she crashed to avoid hitting him in the street.

Will the couple end up getting back together?!  Because.. remember, things weren’t always all bad between them!

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