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Akron Man Admits To Killing His Uncle While He Slept

Updated 12/3/20 – Per the family, Donnell Lawson is of no relation to the victim. Lawson was the girlfriend’s son.

Akron, OH – Donnell Lawson (27 years old) admitted to killing his own uncle while he slept Saturday morning.

His uncle, Melvin Peters (64 years old) was sound asleep with his girlfriend around 6 am, when Donnell shot him. The suspect was arrested and taken to jail, and unfortunately Peters was pronounced dead at the scene.

The motive for the shooting has not been identified, but Donnell Lawson was also charged with unlawful restraint and domestic violence earlier this year. Reports say that he held his mother’s boyfriend captive, and SWAT had to be called in & had a stand-off with Lawson.

The family of Melvin Peters has been posting online that Lawson is of no kinship to the family, and that Peters was actually his mom’s boyfriend. The family believes that Lawson was covering for his mother, and taking her charges (because they believe she actually killed Peters).

I truly hope the family gets to the bottom of this & Lawson gets the help he needs, because he clearly is suffering from some kind of mental issues.

Prayers to Melvin Peters family in this difficult time.

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