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Akron Man Buys 75 McDoubles To Feed Anybody Hungry

Akron, OH – Chris Prewitt (Chris P) buys 75 McDoubles from the McDonald’s located on West Market (right next LeBron James iPromise School).

That’s right, he bought them & told them to give them to anybody who was hungry…. All you had to do was go in & say his name, and you could get a FREE McDouble. He shared the news via social media, and it got almost 1,000 shares! What an act of selflessness.

It just takes a small act of kindness to change the course of somebody’s day/life. I really applaud this young man for doing what he did! A lot of people have a problem when people record what they did and post it on social media. I honestly feel like posting an act of kindness has a ripple effect. It will encourage other people to do random acts of kindness.

Check out the video below. & visit his page >>>> Chris P

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2 thoughts on “Akron Man Buys 75 McDoubles To Feed Anybody Hungry

  1. Starting March 12th and every month on the 12th…thru November my husband and I are hosting an ABSOLUTELY FREE community meal…donations welcome and accepted…as will be applications for our business. 1017 N Jenkins Blvd Akron Ohio 44306

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