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Akron Man Is Convinced Radiation & 5G Is Being Disguised As Coronavirus

Akron man @kaladoniakalikal is thoroughly convinced the government is pushing the 5G but they are really disguising it as the coronavirus.

If you visit his page, you will see mostly all his posts are talking about the 5G and radiation towers “they” are setting up all over the city of Akron, and probably around the world.

He posted a video today I thought was pretty interesting. He got ahold of a radiation tester, and he was testing the radiation being emitted from his cell phone when he answered the phone. Of course we all know small amounts of radiation is being emitted from different devices, but when you really think about it, it’s kind of scary… Especially when we are talking about a cell phone we put directly up to our ears.

Take a look at his video, and also visit his page. Do you guys think this 5G stuff is real? Is it dangerous? Should we be trying to do something to stop it? Or is it just another conspiracy theory which has no validity? Let’s talk about it.

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