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Akron Man Leaves His Young Baby at New Girl Friend’s House

Dear Ear kandy radio,

I am submitting this story through the website because I want to remain anonymous.  This guy I’m about to tell you about is crazy so I will not expose him but the situation is too good not to tell the story.  It actually happened about 6 months ago tho but I just started listening to some of the shows on this station.  Quick shout out to Tasha the host Tasha’s Tea & Etayveia on All Things Matter. 

So I was talking to this young dude.  Well I had just got out of a long relationship, so I wasn’t really trying to get serious with anybody.  But dude is about 7 years younger than me.  Anyway we were talking & I really liked his conversation.  He acted his age, but he also acted mature if that makes sense.  Like he still knew how to have fun but he was wise beyond his years (so I thought).  

But like I said, we were just talking.  We never had sex or anything like that.  We sent each other a couple nudes & we talked about sex a lot, but I just wasn’t ready to give in to him that quick.  So one night I had been drinking & I was horny.  I texted him like hey what’s up, I’m horny basically. LOL

So I hop in the shower real quick to freshen up, put on this nice little lingerie lace outfit, lit some candles to set the mood, poured me another glass of wine & waited for him to get here.  I was already getting irritated because I swear he was taking forever!  He ended up pulling up to my house at like 1:30.  I’m all happy, my pussy is wet and throbbing just thinking about what that young dick was about to do to me.  I went to open the door and this nigga has his son!  Like a little 10 month old baby and I was so confused.

He started telling me how his baby woke up right when he was about to leave the house and his mom wouldn’t watch the baby for him.  1st of all, I didn’t even know this clown had a baby, especially not a 10 month old.  I don’t even talk to dudes with kids because I don’t have any, but if I did talk to a nigga with kids the baby would have to be at least 5 years old so I knew he wasn’t messing with the BM no more. 

So anyway, the mood is all the way gone I’m so fuckin pissed at this point but I still invite them in because I didn’t just want to leave them on the steps.  He was making small talk & I’m sure he could tell that I was irritated because all my answers were real short.  But the baby started crying and he asked me to hold him while he got his diaper bag out the car.  Again, you already know I’m pissed but I took the baby and he went outside.  About 5 minutes later he still hadn’t came back in the house so I peaked out the window and this nigga’s car was GONE!

I tried to call him but his phone kept going straight to voicemail like it was dead or he had turned it off.  I waited a little while longer thinking maybe he forgot the diaper bag at his house or something but he would be back real soon, but nope!  & remember the baby is crying the whole time.  I went outside to get the baby some fresh air trying to get him to stop crying & discovered that this lame ass, clown ass nigga left the baby’s diaper bag on my porch!  At this point I am livid.

So I get the baby back in the house and change him and feed him.  I get the baby to finally go to sleep and still no word from the clown.  So I go on his social media page and I see that somebody tagged him in a photo at the bar that night!  This nigga really dropped his kid off at my house so he could go to the fuckin bar.  So I started doing some investigating to find out who his BM was.  I messaged her on FB & just told her exactly what happened.  She didn’t get back with me until like 7:00 in the morning & yup you guessed it, I didn’t hear nothing at all from dude either!  She came to get her baby immediately and I’m happy she was pretty cool & didn’t start tripping on me (because bitch I just babysat your kid all damn night).

Dude never even came by after that.  I’m assuming his BM gave him the news about picking the baby up from me, but he blocked me on all his social media avenues and I haven’t heard from him since.  I would never get no drama started but I had to share this story with yall and I would love to hear how you guys would have handled this if it was you?  & just in case you guys were wondering, I will never talk to a dude younger than me ever again!

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