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Akron Man Shaves His Locs Completely Bald So His Son Doesn’t Have To Battle Cancer Alone (Video)

Akron man, Rayshawn Mims, shaved all his locs (dreads) off on live video just so his son doesn’t have to battle cancer alone.

His son, Ahkeem Mims, is only seven years old, and he is currently battling bone cancer. Looks like he had to cut his hair due to the medicine from chemotherapy, causing it to fall out.

His dad asked him if he was sad he had to cut his hair off and Ahkeem said he was a little sad. His dad told him he was going to cut his hair too so he didn’t have to go through this alone. He encouraged his son, and kept telling him how strong he was as he cuts his locs completely bald.

Rayshawn had to use the scissors to cut his locs off because they were so long and thick. After he cut them all off, he proceeded to shave his head completely bald!

The video was shared by @mstinalawson (Beyoncé’s mom) and has been viewed over 500,000 times. This act of love was so powerful, and Ear Kandy Radio would like to say we are honored to be from the same place as this great father!!! We are praying with you for Ahkeem to kick cancer’s ass!

Prior to his diagnosis, Ahkeem was a fun loving kid; he played football, always outside playing with friends, and a great kid in school. He is no longer allowed to play football, attend school in person, or play outside with his friends like any normal child. He is now confined to using crutches and a wheel chair. He has to have a total of 29 Chemo treatments, two surgeries, and has a LONG road ahead. Asking that you donate to this family to help in anyway you can.

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