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Akron Man Starts Gofundme After Friend’s Untimely Death

Akron, OH – A Gofundme has been created after a young man, Terrell Hill, 28, suddenly passed away on Saturday.

Imani Scruggs, organizer of the fundraiser, wanted to somehow show some support to his friend, even through death. Instead of a burial fundraiser (which most people do) Imani decided to create something to help Terrell’s son, Jayceon LaMarr.

Terrell was preceded in death by his mother at a young age, and recently his aunt who raised him. He was struggling with coping with his aunt’s death, but he was so happy to be a father, which was the only thing keeping him grounded.


Terrell was apart of an organization called Alchemy Inc., who cultivates urban adolescent males to develop a sense of purpose in life and to thrive as members of a family, school and community. Terrell formed many friendships (including his friendship with Imani) through this organization.

Terrell’s son, Jayceon, will be four years old in October. Imani would like to raise at least $5,000 to donate to his son’s mother to help her with any future expenses.

In the wake of Terrell Hill’s untimely passing, I wanted to try and make sure that he was remembered in the best possible way, and helping his son achieve his dreams, whatever they may be, seemed like a good place to start…  I considered making it a college fund, but figured it’d be better to leave it open ended and let Jayceon and his mother, Lauren decide on what it goes towards.  So whether it covers day care costs, sports lessons, college tuition, his first car, or a cross country trip, doesn’t really matter to me.  This is about respecting Terrell’s memory and ensuring that his son lives the life that Terrell was working to set up for him.  I love you so much man and I’m so sorry that you won’t get to see Jay realize his dreams in person, but please continue to watch and guide him from above and know that we’ll be doing the same for you down here.  Much love to you man and tell Aunt Deana we said what up!!!

I started off at $5,000 just to keep it realistic, but would love if we could add a 0 or two to that down the road, life ain’t getting any cheaper y’all.  Much appreciated for all of the support!

Imani Scruggs


I thought this was really a selfless act, and I’m sure we all would hope somebody would do the same for our kids if we were to suddenly pass away. Prayers and condolences to Terrell’s family.

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