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Akron Man Tells His Girl “If We Crash, Just Keep Suckin”

As people are preparing for our last “free days” for a little while (due to coronavirus stay home orders), some Akron natives are really getting creative with ways to practice safe social distancing.

An Akron man and his lady friend had time on this day! They were rolling around listening to Akron artist, Shoddy Boi… Family Work, while enjoying some fellatio. He told her

“If we crash, just keep sucking”

Take a look at the video below, and also check out the full video of “Family Work” by Shoddy Boi, Rich the Factor & P3.

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33 thoughts on “Akron Man Tells His Girl “If We Crash, Just Keep Suckin”

    1. Right!!!! No self respect keep your business behind closed doors…. Here is a thought pick up a book and read it!!!!!

    2. Ok so why did they treat us like that when they brought us to America as slaves, that’s not the reason they do worse then that!

      1. Your own ppl sold African Americans for trade, goods and services….I hate that when today’s day and age African Americans say the white man enslaved then the white man of today is bring blamed for what their Ppl did to them many many moons so. 1) white man had goods rick black man in another country sold enslaved black ppl for these goods…for money for profit. 2) it is now 2020 and slaves no longer exists unless your a slave to your own ideology or a slave in chains from your own ppl keeping toy down…or just maybe your a slave to yourself. But since this is 2020 you are FREE….and lIve in America so move onward and upward…3) and Ugh!!!if I’m not mistaken there are plenty of “slaves” every man or woman in the prison system.

  1. Why would they even post this video seriously I don’t want my son seeing this I know it happens but sharing it for everyone to see come on that’s not right!

    1. You people are real sick…and why in the hell would Twitter even post that shit. Got dam get a life

  2. I am offended by this video. I’m also offended by the statement “And we wonder why Caucasian people treat us like they do.”

      1. I agree with you about the ” African American ” label. I’m an American of Mexican descent and can’t stand to be labeled otherwise. What’s worse is when everybody falls in line. IF you are born here, you ARE American FIRST. Another thing the government does (and everyone else follows), is claiming there are more than 1 race. There is ONLY 1 race. It’s the HUMAN RACE.

    1. Always race has to brought into everything that makes Good points. You are super rasist or paranoid.

    2. Ohhhh. That don’t matter
      They do that and more.
      Besides all colors do their
      Own thing.
      Some use morals and some don’t
      Which do you choose???

  3. You would think in 2020 everyone is better than this. But look in the news… so many people are vulgar, without morals and human decency. There is some really messed up stuff going on in this world today -REALLY MESSED UP.

  4. I wonder if she was a minor. Doing the R- Kelly special. What a serious jerk. Go comb your hair. It rough like your face 😂😭.

  5. I have no idea why this fool even got publicity with this stupid stunt. He should get a ticket for indecent exposure and that girl should have her mother teach her some self respect. Seriously? To let a man disrespect you to everyone out there that might identify him and therefor her is nothing to be proud of. Girl go to school and get a career so you can dump that fool for a real man! You deserve better. And it’s not the act that’s so wrong it’s when and where and the man saying such a thing about you that begs for you to rise above that piece of trash.

  6. I once asked a girlfriend of mine why she never cooked for me & her reply was “ My momma never taught me how to cook “. So I told her “ Your mom didn’t teach you how to suck d&$& either, but you somehow figured it out & perfected that .

  7. Race, the parent, the mother, how about this for thought it’s TWO DAMN DUMB ASS PEOPLE doing dumb ass shit. And guess what somewhere someone in every part of the world regardless of nationality they to are doing some dumb ass shit. I’m pretty sure whoever the parents are they didn’t teach that girl to ride around allowing some jerk off to film and post this crap. As a mother you teach your children all you can it’s up to them to follow and listen. But hey you gotta blame someone for DUMB ASS SHIT right?

  8. Oh I forgot to put the list of blame Race, parents, religion hell TRUMP the Corona Virus

  9. Disgusting pigs Get your shit together. You both have no common sense .How were you raised for real .

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