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Akron Mother is Mortified After Nurse Says Her Baby Was Disgusting!!!

As a parent we have all been there… our sick babies had to go to the emergency department for one reason or another.  Well can you imagine taking your sick baby to the hospital and a nurse says that your baby is “DISGUSTING”?!?!  Well that’s exactly what happened to this Akron Mother earlier this week.

Toccara Varner found herself and her precious baby boy in a very compromising situation while her baby was being evaluated in the emergency department of Akron Children’s Hospital.  While the nurse (Lucas) was examining the baby, her son slobbered (or should we say drooled) on the nurse’s hand.  Instead of just wiping it up and finishing up the exam, Mr. Nurse Lucas had to go out of his way to call the baby disgusting, and wiped his hand off on her son’s blanket.  As he walked out of the room, Lucas just kept wiping his hand on his pants as if he had been violated by the baby’s slobber.

Not only was Toccara offended, but she was also humiliated!  She brought the issue to Face Book where she had over 30 comments from concerned friends of the community!  What would make a person treat a child in such a manner??  Especially when these are nurses whom are trained & deal with children on a daily basis.  

There were a lot of comments on the post telling Toccara to file a grievance on Mr. Nurse Lucas, so initially she requested to speak with a social worker.  There was no social worker available, so a woman named Laura came in & claimed she was the head of nursing and Toccara began to tell her what happened and how she was very offended and she didn’t want for Lucas to be her baby’s nurse anymore.

Then to add insult to injury, Toccara overhears Laura as she goes out of the room to tell all the other nurses about the conversation she just had with Toccara & they all start laughing!!!  Toccara even heard Laura tell Lucas about him calling the baby disgusting and Lucas said he didn’t recall.  When Laura told them about Toccara not wanting Lucas to be the baby’s nurse any longer, they continued to laugh and joke about how they would be off at 7 anyway. 

Next Toccara requested to speak with the Coordinator, and when the coordinator entered the room, Laura somehow transformed into a regular nurse who was just filling in for the Head of Nursing (go figure right).  Laura also didn’t deny anything she said. 

As an end result, Toccara filed the grievance, but she is absolutely mortified about her experience at Akron Children’s Hospital and she is really looking for some justice.  This type of nurse should not be evaluating sick babies if he feels like they are “disgusting”.  She hates to throw the “race card” but she can’t help but to think this would not have happened had she & her baby not been black.

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2 thoughts on “Akron Mother is Mortified After Nurse Says Her Baby Was Disgusting!!!

  1. That’s crazy! It’s also very immature to sit and laugh at a sick baby who cannot help it. Mr. Lucas needs fired along with all staff who thought it was humorous. I’ve personally been in that situation where the so called professional staff made fun of everyone and thought it was funny. I called the director when I got home. Service was so bad once I had to call the front desk by phone because they wouldn’t answer my call button. Yes…a very legitimate complaint. Your gorgeous baby can slobber on me and it would just get him more hugs. I mourn for the new generation of spoiled brats.

  2. Blood of Jesus over it all do what you feel god will show u the way. We as moms have to stand up for our kids they are gifts from God and we must take care of them praying for u amd if u need anything i will try to help look me up on fb latasha mccullough

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