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Akron Mourns The Death & Says Goodbye To Jerry Rowlands Sr.

It seems like we hear about so many young people are losing their lives, that we are becoming immune to death. It almost a rarity that you hear about somebody dying of old age or natural causes.

Well the city of Akron is mourning over the death of Jerry Rowlands Sr. who has been the director over the Ed Davis Community Center for over 40 years! Mr. Rowlands was a father figure to so many people over the years. He was a man who kept the kids grounded when a lot of them could have gone a different way & succumb to the streets. Robert Putnam recalls when he was younger & him & Jerry (the son) got into a fight… he whopped their butts & made them make up! He was a true pillar of the community.

Mr. Rowlands just celebrated his retirement from Ed. Davis last Friday April 12, 2019 and the Mayor (Daniel Horrigan) declared that day “National Jerry Rowlands Day”.

All over social media, you see people posting about Mr. Rowlands… sharing their stories on how he helped to shape their lives. I can honestly say that people gave Mr. Rowlands his flowers here while he was still living. He was truly a “Nipsey Hussle” in our community, changing lives daily.

Ear Kandy Radio would just like to send our condolences to Mr. Jerry Rowlands Sr.’s family, extended family, friends and business partners. He will truly be missed by many.

There were literally hundreds of comments online, remembering Mr. Jerry Rowlands. Sr. Read some below, and feel free to leave some comments for the family.

Troy Hurr Damn man. My condolences. He molded so many of us from young boys to grown men. A true hero for the youth. He will be missed

Laron Sledge Bey My true condolences to the family. So sorry. A great person and would help out anybody that needed it or that would listen. Missing my MENTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jammie Summers OMG so sorry to hear this I always admired your dad he was a great man sending prayers up????

Chemika Broadus Man this one hurts ?? our community lost a Great Man today! #RIP Big Jerry? ? He was family to most of us who had their kids playing basketball ? up at Ed Davis. My family and I will certainly miss you. Please keep his family uplifted in your prayers ????? Jay L Row hang in there we’re all praying for you all
Rob Butler2Prayers Go Up for Jay L Row His Dad Was A Major Figure In The Akron Community For All Of Us. ?
Myron Austin II Heart is heavy right now. R.I.H Unc J. Row! You have known me since i was born and watch me become a man! No matter where I was at in the world and called home, I heard you voice and you heard mine and the butterfingers name rang out and couldn’t do nothing by laugh! Thank you for everything you have done for me, my family and the many men and women of AKRON! Jay L Rowstay strong bro! We behind you!
Charles Allgood Them days running around Ed Davis Rec Center was sum of the best times EVER!!! Thank you Jerry Rowland… Real good Man rt there… Jay L Rowthanks for sharing your pops with us… A lot of us didn’t have one there… Ur Pops filled sum serious voids in my life… Forever greatful to u and ur family… No matter how many miles or years?Love 4ever R.I.H J Row!!!! 


Dajuan Owens Prayers out to the homie Jay L Row… man yo pops was a pillar to this community and a huge father figure to many of us!!! Condolences to you and your family fam!!! HE’S DEFINITELY A LEGEND AND WELL RESPECTED!!!!!

Meech Halsell Fly high legend this man may not mean a lot to some people but meant the world to me he watched me grow from new born to adult watched my kids grow over the years what a blessing walking the earth I remember all the memories at summit lake softball field where he played an coached real softball kids know about Just Us softball blue and yellow uniforms wit the Cadillac sign on the front the wooster field teams the many nights an days me and Jay L Row ran around the park grabbing foul balls or homeruns then my nephews and my own kids starting out at Ed Davis I coach now because of this man he did more for me then the world may kno and I thank him for the many lessons learned and the times he got on my ass for my many mistakes he was a man of many things but the city kno he truly cared for anybody that stepped foot in Ed Davis can’t ask for a better person than that many men and woman can share a memory or 2 about Jrow the journey came to a end but his memories live on #legendonearth fly high

Fay Watkins The city loss a legend today. RILove BIG Jerry Rowland you will truly be missed by every one of us you coached and helped mentor. 
Mr Jerry “Ed Davis”Rowland ????

Veida Rose Rest Peacefully Mr. Jerry Rowland!!! I made the best memories from my childhood at Ed Davis, friendships, to being corrected by true adults that not only checked you & correct you but had a hand in raising us! Never seen you act nothing but respectable an honorable… True icon of what a man is supposed to be that is surrounded by children all day long you have a beautiful legacy that you leave. Jay L Row keep your head up fav

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One thought on “Akron Mourns The Death & Says Goodbye To Jerry Rowlands Sr.

  1. OmG my condolences goes out to everyone who is connected to J.Rowe my children & I called him that because anyone who knew him knows he rows with you. He had a great personality always laughs and smiles. Always always had love for the kids, Wow I was just there on Vacation we were reminiscing on how he rooted my Children in Sports now my Grand Sons J.Rowe you will always remembered but also miss Love you!

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