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Akron Native Makes His Kids Their Own News Channel & They Make The News

Akron native, Versean Taylor and wife Bridget Taylor, shared the cutest video of their kids! With everybody being stuck in the house, they got real creative with finding fun things to do. They made their children their own news channel called TNN (Taylor News Network).

Briella & Kaelan Taylor (TNN News anchors)

Versean shared the video to Face Book with the caption

The only news I trust at this point.

TNN (Taylor News Network) bringing all facts… mostly.

The video was viewed over 3,000 times and shared by over 70 people, and it ended up making it to the actual news!!! Wow, it is so amazing to see what can happen when you put in the effort to raising your kids and molding them into the people they want to be.

Take a look at the video below. Great Job parents!

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