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Akron, OH – Loaded Semi-Auto Gun Found on School Van

Ohio.com has reported the finding of a loaded semi-automatic pistol on a school transportation van!  

This is yet another incident involving Akron Public School’s Bridges Learning Center, actually the 2nd situation this week (unrelated… but a 38 year old man was found dead outside the school on Monday, which appeared to be a suicide).  The school is located at 888 Jonathan Avenue in Akron, Oh and I am really wondering why these issues have been happening at this school this week.

When the Sheriff’s Office arrived at the school after the report, they did find the gun stashed away in the back of one of the school transportation vans.  The initial report said there was a child who had been showing the gun but later determined the gun was never brought into the school.  To make matters even worse, the gun was reported stolen from an Akron home.

The principal overheard the parent/guardian of the child asking them about a gun and the child said it was in the van.  The 12 year old was arrested and is being charged with CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) and theft for the firearm.  It was reported that he was taken to the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center.

This is  so sad!  I hate to see another one of our children end up in the system at only 12 years old!  Prayers for this baby that he gets another chance to get it right.



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