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Akron police harassing citizens for a video shoot!

Akron police department is unfortunately known for harassing people in certain neighborhoods. Well yesterday on Akron’s West side the sun was shining and local artists got together with friends to shoot a music video and was rudely interrupted by Akron police.

During the video you can hear officer calling these gentleman by their name and trying to question them. Unfortunately car 8 on the Akron police department Petros the west side of Akron and is often accused of harassing citizens in that area. Pulling people over for none traffic violations based off who they are.

Multiple people in Community have had complaints about Car 8 and their ability to not protect the people. Check out the full live video below and hopefully I can get an exclusive interview with the gentleman being harassing

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2 thoughts on “Akron police harassing citizens for a video shoot!

  1. They Harassed me twice to the point I see them n hit as many blocks as fast as I can to get away. When they Harassed me they also grabbed my dick balls and ass. I’m like wtf yal some harassing pigs and y’all like dick. Tried filing charges and the prosecutor said all I’ll do is make it worse on me and my family and friends. I said wow wtf.

  2. I’d just move out of the town for your safety and your family god knows best young gentleman he say ask.you shall received but you just need to have the faith and take the first step I’ll be praying for you and your family 🙏🙏🙏😇

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