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Akron Rapper Stige Drops Motivational Song For Mother’s Day

Akron Rapper, STIGE, wows the city with his new song and video called “It’s Ok.”

Stige… rapper, self made king and bar owner definitely set a new tone with this song (in my opinion of course). With everything so out of place right now, the world truly needs love, and Stige truly showed all the love to the women for Mother’s Day!

The song talks about how women work so hard and a lot of times we don’t get the credit we really deserve also how women work so hard and sometimes don’t see the progress, people are always complaining but ain’t nobody helping… and at the end of the day…

It’s gone be OK!

Listen to the words in the song and check out the video as well. This is a really dope song and S/O to Stige for building the women up when so many people tear us down daily. You are appreciated.

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