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Akron Restaurant Refuses To Give Refund After Delivering BURNT FOOD

I just came across this video on Facebook posted by one of my new FB friends.  I instantly got mad because I am so tired of these restaurants with their terrible customer service.  It’s like the people who run the restaurants nowadays don’t believe in “the customer always being right”.

So check this out.  This happened at Rocco’s Pizza located at 2008 East Avenue in Akron, OH.  Looks like the lady placed an order and when they delivered her food… it was BURNT!  Now I understand the frustration of receiving burnt food, but everybody makes mistakes, right?!  For me, the biggest issue that came into play was when she called them to tell them her food was burnt and they were rude to her over the phone.  They claimed they do not give refunds (even though there was no sign posted anywhere) & offered to make some new JoJo’s.  Take a look at the video posted below.

The end result was the police were called, and the restaurant made her some new, fresh food that wasn’t burnt.  She had to accept that or leave with nothing, but I understand her not wanting the food anymore.  She was just over the whole situation.  

But the Heartbeat Of The Streets will be paying Rocco’s a visit!  Bad customer service is unacceptable and we need to STOP accepting it!  Quit spending your money with people who don’t treat you like you’re paying their bills… because as a customer, that is exactly what you are doing.  That young man needs to be fired!  I had an issue with him before, he has a very smart mouth & should not be working so close with the public with that nasty attitude.

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One thought on “Akron Restaurant Refuses To Give Refund After Delivering BURNT FOOD

  1. Why do people settle for poor goods and services? If a business doesn’t value you as a customer then Don’t spend your money there. There is power in the almighty Dollar!

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